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After spending most of the past year working from or stuck at home, have you decided it’s time to give your home a much-needed update? Replacing the floors is a wonderful way to transform the rooms in your home. The right floors can make a space feel open, welcoming, and more spacious. There are several timeless-looking 2021 color trend floors you need to know before picking your next floor. You need to consider flooring colors, styles, materials, and more. Once you have an idea of what you like, how will those colors and styles look in your home? Picking the right flooring color is key to keeping your home and floor looking timeless for years to come. You need to check out 2021’s most popular flooring colors and trends to improve the look of your home!

Dark Cool Floor Colors

Dark-colored floors have been popular for over a decade and continue to be a popular floor color trend this year. In particular, dark hardwood is a classic flooring choice and adds a timeless touch to any home. An advantage to cooler colors is they offer a calming effect. Cool colors will remind you of the sky, water, ice, and even snow. Dark, cool-colored flooring works well with a variety of color palettes. Cooler colors appear to recede compared to warmer tones. If you have a smaller home or room, use a cooler flooring color to make a space feel larger. These flooring colors also offer a sleek and upscale look. With the right wall color, you can add drama to your home or room. Do you have existing hardwood floors with a mix of wood species or colors? Staining your wood floors with a dark, cool color will cover the imperfections and make your floors appear more uniform. The only drawback with this floor color trend is it will require more regular cleaning and maintenance.

Gray 2021 Color Trend Floors

Gray is another floor color trend that’s continuing to rise in popularity. You’ll find an assortment of gray colors to choose from in hardwood, tile, and vinyl materials. Gray-colored flooring has a universal appearance and works well in a variety of settings and styles. Gray colors, especially gray hardwood floors, offer a “weathered” look that feels more rustic. This is an excellent color style for those with a country home or those who want a country-inspired style home. On the other hand, gray colors can offer a contemporary and modern feel. Pair a dark gray floor with a contemporary color palette to give your home a modern feel. Many designers and homeowners love to use gray as a neutral color. This is in part because gray is a refreshing change from beige. Gray fits well in nearly every color scheme and keeps a room looking fresh and contemporary. Walking into a space full of bright clashing colors is loud, uncomfortable, and distressing. Gray toned flooring can calm a space. Gray doesn’t evoke any particular emotions making it an excellent calming flooring choice. You can find gray colors in a variety of floor patterns, textures, and styles. This includes classic wood, stone, marble, and decorative styles.

Light Neutral Tones

Light neutral wood tones are making a comeback this year. You can find this flooring color and style in hardwood, vinyl, and tile floors. Like with dark flooring colors, many homeowners and designers prefer cool light tones. Neutral tones allow your furnishings and accents to catch the eye. This flooring type gives you the flexibility to express your style in a way that compliments the flooring. Use light neutral floors to create a clean and contemporary feeling space. Try this by pairing a light floor with a muted color palette of blues and golds. Or go for a modern rustic feel by drawing on a color palette with earthy colors. Lighter neutral-toned floors will also brighten a room and make it appear larger. They work great in both small and large rooms. You’ll find neutral tones trending in kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Whitewashed Floor Trends

One of the surprising 2021 color trend floors is whitewashing. Yes, white floors were a popular style in the 1980s. Today, however, they’re more subtle and offer an edgy yet classy look and feel. A significant driver behind this trend is a whitewashed floor that complements most contemporary interior design styles. This color style works best with wood floors or vinyl or tile designed to replicate the look of wood. Do you want a bright, clean west-coast beach vibe? Whitewashed flooring lends itself well to this look. Prefer a dramatic uptown feel? Complement your whitewashed flooring with dark furniture and accents for a classy city feel. Whitewashed flooring doesn’t have to appear pure white, either. You can opt to include tones of grays and beiges to complement the white.

High Variation Floor Color

High variation flooring features a mix of color that highlights the inconsistencies found naturally in wood and stone. What draws many people to this color is the contrast offers a natural and rustic look. Of the many 2021 color trend floors, this one is the most interesting. Large open spaces, like kitchens and living rooms, work best for high variation flooring. Placing this style of flooring in a smaller room can make the room and floor feel busy. The advantages to high variation color include its unique aesthetic appeal and realistic appearance. Flooring with high variation becomes a work of art and will complement a home with a bold style. You can find high variation flooring in gray, deep brown, and neutral colors. It also comes in a range of materials, including hardwood, tile, and vinyl.

Colors to Avoid

When you pick the next colors for your flooring, you want to avoid anything that makes your home feel outdated or bland. Try to avoid beiges, plain whites, and neutral yellows, as these will make your flooring feel like it came straight out of the 1980s and 1990s. Deep bright reds, oranges, and greens will also give an outdated feel.

Pick Flooring Colors That Make You Happy

Many great flooring colors are trending in 2021 to fit any style and preference. While you look for new flooring, make sure you pick a color that matches your home style. The right floor color will make your home look timeless for years to come! Have questions or want to get started on your flooring project? Let’s get in touch and start planning today!

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