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Is it time to give your kitchen a much-needed upgrade? Are your tiles looking a little bit dingy or dated? Time to switch them up for something new and fun! While flooring might be the last thing on your mind when remodeling your kitchen, there are so many fun kitchen flooring ideas floating around the internet that you’ve likely never considered! While you’re busy trying to pick the right color of marble for your countertops and where your island should go, why not take a moment to check out some of your options? Keep reading to learn about 8 creative kitchen flooring ideas to really bring your newly remodeled kitchen together.

1. Get Unique With Cork

Have you ever been in a house with cork floors? Probably not. There’s no good reason not to use cork, especially now when it can be properly sealed and protected. While cork can be porous and spongy normally (perhaps not great for anywhere that can have spills), sealed cork has a hard exterior. This means you get that nice cork look without the struggles of keeping it clean. While it might not be for everyone, a unique cork floor might be great for beachy homes or someone just looking for a complete change.

2. Wood Floors for a Kitchen? Yes.

You may have heard that wood floors aren’t any good for the kitchen. After all, they’re harder to clean and when they get wet they can get damaged. Treated wood floors (or even wood-tile, if you’re nervous) can be perfectly fine for any kitchen renovation project, though, and they can give your space a totally different look. Whether you’re going for a farmhouse style kitchen or something modern and new, wood is always a nice, clean look. Wood floors also look great if you keep them consistent throughout your living space, really opening up the house. Don’t ignore the potential of a good wood floor in your kitchen.

3. White-Washed Floors for the Ultra Modern

If you’re going for the modern or minimalist look, white floors look great. Not that beige look that many kitchens have, but a stark white (or marbled white) tile or wood floor. This kind of flooring looks incredibly clean and bright, and if your cabinets and countertops match, you’ll have an incredibly modern looking kitchen that will completely change the tone of your space.

4. Checkerboard Tiles: A Diner Classic

This classic American diner look isn’t for everyone, but for smaller kitchens, it can be very chic. Black and white tiles might seem a little bit loud, but as long as you keep your cabinets subdued (an all-black look goes great with this) it can be stylish. This kind of style tends to make the kitchen the focal point of the living space, especially if you have more of an “open-concept” floorplan going on. If that’s the case, it’s a great choice for a renovation.

5. Hexagon Tiles: Busy, but Unique

Have you ever seen hexagon-shaped tiles in a kitchen before? These special little tiles might end up being special orders, but they’re uncommon for floors. The honeycomb appearance is great for a modern kitchen. If you want something that no one you know has, forgo the standard squares and rectangles and go for something a little bit different. They’re still subdued in color but they’re just unique enough to draw the eye.

6. Quilted Tiles for the Small Kitchen

Quilted tiles are typically reserved for a backsplash. They’re busy and bright. Does that have to mean you keep them out of your kitchen? Not at all. If you’re working with a small space, quilted tiles are a great way to liven it up a little bit in a unique way. While this is another style that’s usually stuck to the backsplash, if you’ve only got so much room to work with, there’s no reason to use it on the floor. Lively patterns are great for hiding the occasional messes as well.

7. Bamboo for a Sturdy Base

Do you want the look of wood but you’re nervous about its longevity and strength? Bamboo is a great and unique option for a natural wood look. Bamboo is eco-friendly, and as it’s not popularized yet, you could be the first person in your neighborhood yet to have this modern style of flooring. When you think of bamboo, you probably think of something much more rustic. It looks totally neat and modern, though, and can fit any style of kitchen. Give it a try.

8. Natural Stones for a Natural Look

Natural stones in a kitchen are a unique way to make your remodel really stand out. While they might feel a little different from your standard tiles, you’ll have a totally new and special kitchen. They can be finished smoothly so you won’t be walking on a cobblestone path. It can feel like you’re working in a castle. You’ll just have better appliances, of course.

Are You Loving These Kitchen Flooring Ideas?

Kitchen renovations include a lot of big decisions. How can you know which ones are right for you? Between the counters, the cabinets, the appliances, and now the floors, you have a lot to choose from. Picking the right floor can really help you either tie the whole space together or get the whole project started depending on where you are in your planning process. What kind of kitchen flooring ideas are you going for? To get started on your flooring venture, get a free estimate for your kitchen remodel today.

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