Did you know in most cases insurance covers water damaged floors and interiors? This means no out-of-pocket costs to you. If you think you may have water damage, call us for a free estimate.

If we find water damage, we will contact your insurance company on your behalf and work through the claims process for you. It’s time to restore your home back to its original comfort and beauty so it can safely be enjoyed for years to come.

Water Damaged Floors
Water Damaged Floor Repair

Water Damaged Floor Repair

Leaks from your air conditioner, standing water and severe storms in Tampa, FL, can all damage your engineered hardwood flooring. If you don’t repair or replace the laminate floors right away, the water damage will quickly result in mold and even weaken your home’s foundation.

To avoid serious health and financial consequences stemming from water-damaged flooring, you must act fast. Yeager Flooring is available to dispatch a clean-up and restoration team of flooring specialists as soon as possible to your home or business.

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Mold Remediation Experts

When ripping up water-damaged floors, we often find mold. Yeager & Co is one of the only local flooring companies with a mold remediation license.

  • Water Damaged Floors are often covered by insurance.

  • We have thousands of choices to replace your damaged floor planks.

  • It can take as little as 24 hours for water damage to destroy wood floors and drywall.

Common Causes and Signs of Water-Damaged Flooring

Many homeowners in and around Tampa, FL, face water-damaged flooring at some point. That’s because the area is susceptible to severe summer storms that bring heavy rains and flooding.

But leaks around your home, especially near the air conditioner, can also cause significant damage to your flooring. If you notice subfloor or wood flooring has excess moisture, you need your flooring inspected for damage. Signs of water-damaged flooring include:

  • Wooden flooring gradually becomes darker. They will cup and warp and occasionally pop up.

  • Vinyl and carpet floors fade faster than usual. They will also cup and warp and occasionally pop up.

  • It generally does not affect the entire floor or an entire room.

  • A softening wood floor surface indicates that water damage has weakened your home’s foundation. It might even succumb to your body weight, which is dangerous.

  • Water deposits show that your flooring has water damage. Look for areas on the floors with standing or pooling water or where there’s dripping or dampness.

  • Look around at related woodwork and drywall for dampness.

  • Mold signals that your floors have extensive water damage that requires replacement. An unpleasant odor is the most obvious sign of mold.

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Water Damaged Floors Repair Company

Water damage to flooring can be a major headache for homeowners in Tampa, Florida. When a floor is exposed to water or moisture, it can lead to warped boards and weakened structural support, as well as mold growth. If you’re faced with water damaged floors in your Tampa area home, it’s important to know the steps necessary for repair.

Do I Have Water Damage?

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Water Damaged Wood Flooring

The first step is assessing the damaged wood flooring; determine the extent of the water exposure and whether it has affected underlying elements like insulation or wiring. Whenever possible, remove any standing water with a wet-dry vacuum or other extraction equipment immediately. Then take time to thoroughly dry out the affected area before continuing with repairs. Depending on the type of flooring that was impacted by water, you may need to replace damaged panels or tiles entirely. Any salvaged materials should be dried completely before reinstallation.

Water Damaged Hardwood Flooring

In some cases, new flooring may be necessary if there is extensive damage from standing water. Board replacement often requires the removal of existing flooring and installation of new sub-flooring material before laying down fresh boards or tiles. If your property has hardwood floors that have been damaged by moisture, you’ll need a skilled specialist who can properly sand and refinish them so they look brand new again.

Water Damaged Floors Remediation Company
Fix Water Damaged Floors

Hardwood Floors

It’s important to consider both cost and safety when deciding on how best to approach repairing your floors after water damage has occurred in your Tampa home. Although replacing entire sections of floorboards or tiles may be more expensive up front than patchwork repairs, leaving compromised structures in place could make your home less stable over time and increase the likelihood of further damage down the road due to weakened components beneath your feet that are no longer structurally sound.

When to Replace Your Entire Floor

Whenever possible use quality materials for all repairs; while an inexpensive fix might seem tempting at first glance, spending more money upfront could actually save you cash over time since better quality materials will likely last longer and require fewer future repairs than shoddy products purchased just because they were cheaper at the time of purchase.

Finally, when selecting a contractor in Tampa specializing in floor repair after water damage occurred it’s prudent to choose one who has documented experience dealing with this type of project; visit local customer review forums and websites for references from those who have had successful work done in the past by any given contractor before making a final decision on whom to hire for this job.