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If you are planning on a renovation, floors are an important way to spruce up any home. It can add value and give your home a feeling of luxury and newness. Considering floor patterns can be a tough job as there are plenty of design choices to choose from. In this article, we will go through and explain 9 popular floor patterns that will be sure to be a focal point in any room. It’s always better to renovate from the ground up. Make a start on your floors today to feel the benefits. Read on to find out more about some fabulous floor patterns.

1. A Straight Pattern

This is one of the most common flooring patterns and for good reason. It is simple and elegant and will go perfectly with any room in the house. It’s a design that is contemporary and will be effective in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the living room. In terms of affordability, it is one of the least expensive to install as it is the simplest pattern with only one type of tile. Also using a professional contractor for the job and installation is always going to give the best overall finish.

2. Diagonal Pattern

A diagonal pattern is a bit of a twist on the regular straight pattern which adds a bit of variety to the finish. Diagonal patterns are often associated with high-end hotels so it suggests a bit of luxury in the room. It allows uniformity with a touch of something different. It can be a perfect design for a bedroom or living space.

3. Basket Weave

This design is much more intricate. It uses the principles of a weaving basket and creates a woven look effect to the floor. It adds texture and movement to the space itself, allowing a sense of structure and warmth to the overall finish. This type of design can be perfect for adding a bit of variety for a kitchen or a bathroom setting.

4. Random Pattern

This is becoming a lot more popular in contemporary spaces as people are shunning the traditional routes of renovation and embracing a more stripped back but clean finish. Random patterns are synonymous with the Nordic and Hygge design styles that are popular in Europe. It creates a space that is relaxed but modern. There is a sense of uniformity but it isn’t overbearing or clinical. Random patterns can be a great addition to living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

5. Flemish Bond

This is perfect if you want to create a design with one or two different colors. It is a pattern that incorporates alternative rectangle and square tiles. If you chose different colors they can be as subtle or as contrasting as you wish. This type of design can work perfectly in a bathroom or kitchen setting. The finish is one that can be very striking and unique.

6. Quarter Turn

This type of tile formation is where each tile is placed at a quarter turn angle to the tile that has been previously laid in the row. It is a good choice if you have tiles that are individually patterned or have a unique element to them. It can add a sense of texture to the room with an unusual quality to it depending on the type of tile you are using. This can be a great pattern for a kitchen or bathroom setting.

7. Corridor Formation

The corridor pattern is like a straight pattern but with breaks of intervening rows from the opposite direction going down. It adds a bit of variety to your flooring but with still a level of uniformity to it. The formation can be ideal for a dining room space or a kitchen space.

8. Herringbone Pattern

A herringbone pattern is similar to a diagonal pattern but you are having two diagonal patterns to meet in the middle. The effect is meant to appear as if it is fish scales or twilled fabric. It is one of the more intricate designs as it can take a bit of designing to work out how best to lay it. It’s highly recommended to use a professional contractor for this job to ensure the best overall finish. A herringbone pattern can brighten and break up a space and add an element of luxury to the room. It can work nicely in a living room or bedroom setting, just as well as a kitchen. It is one of the trickier designs to achieve, however.

9. Stagger Pattern

This design is used if you have two or three different colors or variations of tile. It is where the arrangement of tiles are staggered on alternate sides of a centerline. This design is great to add a bit of color and interest to a room and its design. You can choose some really interesting and unusual tiles to stagger in the pattern to really make it stand out. Or you can use muted variations and still get an overall effect of texture and have a focal point. This design is great for a kitchen or bathroom setting.

Floor Patterns: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope you have enjoyed this article on some of the best floor patterns you can use to renovate and spice up your own home decoration. There are so many patterns to choose from that can give a room a real makeover or new look. Whatever you choose it is advisable that you use a professional contractor to help lay the floor to ensure you get the best overall finish for your renovation. If you have any further questions or queries about floor patterns or any of our other services, why not contact us directly? We would love to help with your renovation project.

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