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The flooring industry has steadily increased sales since 2014. Flooring is one of the most common renovations in the home. Your floors can show your home’s age and help you stay on top of the latest design trends. If you’re shopping for flooring, consider using the Yeager shop at home service. By shopping from home, you can save time and get custom advice from our experts. Find out why our shop at home service is your best option for buying flooring in 2021.

Save Time and Stay at Home

Using the Yeager shop at home service is the best way to efficiently shop for flooring. Driving to a showroom and browsing every sample could take up most of your day. By using the shop at home service, we can come to your home within an hour and be gone within an hour. Save time by getting more done during just one visit. Once a Yeager flooring expert comes to your door, they’ll be ready with a full stock of samples and expert advice. Work with our flooring experts without the distractions from a store, and choose your flooring in less time. Within an hour, you can get back to your busy day and move forward with your flooring or renovation project.

Stress-Free Shopping

By staying at home, you can have a completely stress-free shopping experience. Most customers browse for flooring on the weekends when they have more time. Choose a time that works for you to schedule ahead, or we can even come within an hour after you’ve contacted us. A Yeager associate will be at your door as long as you live in our service areas near Tampa and St. Petersburg. With our shop-at-home flooring options, there are limited distractions. Browse for the samples you want without being overwhelmed by too many choices.

Consult Directly With an Expert

When we arrive at your home with our shop at home service, a Yeager flooring expert will walk you through the samples and options. You’ll have one-on-one support so you can ask specific questions. With no other customers around, there’s no need to feel rushed. Because we can come to your home, our experts can offer even more customized advice. If you’re looking to update your home flooring, we can see your space firsthand and make helpful recommendations. Our experts are trained to answer the most common flooring questions, including the following:

  • What type of care does the flooring require?
  • What’s the best type of flooring for seasonal allergies?
  • What is the installation process?
  • Will the new floors clash with existing flooring?
  • Will my climate affect the flooring?
  • What’s the most appropriate flooring for each room?

Come prepared with your list, and we’ll help you answer all of your questions on the spot.

View a Full Selection of Samples

You may think that a shop at home service won’t be as robust as our on-site showroom. Yet, our shop at home service includes fully stocked trucks of all types of flooring samples. The flooring samples include wood tile, hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate, and vinyl. Your Yeager flooring expert can help find the samples that you’d like to see and suggest others that may work for your space. At Yeager, we offer more than just flooring. Our experts are also trained to assist with full renovations. We stay on top of the latest floor trends to help you maintain your home style and comfort. During your in-home consultation, you won’t have to wait or sit through a sales pitch. We can provide pricing on the spot. Ideally, you’ll have an accurate estimate for the flooring you want within an hour. Unlike other companies, we don’t hold off on pricing or schedule callbacks to make you wait.

Free Custom Estimate

By booking an appointment with our shop at home service, you have the opportunity to enjoy a free custom estimate. A Yeager expert comes fully equipped to measure and assess your home. All you need to do is show us the areas where you’d like to install new flooring. By understanding your needs and seeing your space, we can develop an accurate quote. The free estimate requires no obligation, so you can still think about it before you make a purchasing decision.

Buy Flooring Faster

Some flooring companies have a lengthy process that starts with a visit to the showroom and ends with multiple calls. By using the Yeager shop at home service, you can get your flooring faster. All in one visit, get a custom quote and choose the samples that you want to purchase. You can have immediate gratification knowing a big part of your renovation is complete. Your flooring can be delivered to your home as soon as possible and be ready for installation.

Book Our Shop at Home Service

Our shop at home service can help you save time and money in the long term. Give Yeager Flooring & Co a call today to book an appointment. Our flooring experts can be at your door within an hour equipped with a truck full of flooring samples. Ask questions without the stress of shopping crowds, and enjoy a no-obligation estimate. Call 813-644-8693 for service in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Bradenton.

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