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Home remodeling jobs get pricey, and some don’t add as much value to the home as you might expect. A kitchen remodel isn’t one of those jobs. According to Remodeling Magazine, the national average cost for a kitchen remodel is $14,773, with an average 87% return on investment earned. An impressive ROI is one reason to invest in a kitchen remodel in Tampa, FL. Read on to learn more about some others.

Improves the Space’s Functional Design

Firstly, a well-designed, functional kitchen is more enjoyable to use. You want the countertops, cabinets, appliances and the flow to fit your household’s needs. What worked for you five or 10 years ago isn’t necessarily what works today. Investing in a kitchen remodel creates an inviting, efficient space that truly becomes the heart of the home.

Reduces Your Home’s Energy Usage

A complete kitchen remodel isn’t in everyone’s budget. Some homeowners decide to spend their money on the following instead:

  • Replacing old plumbing fixtures.
  • Purchasing new refrigerators, dishwashers, and stoves.
  • Making electrical upgrades for improved energy efficiency.

By upgrading to touchless faucets, installing gas hookups, and replacing outdated appliances with ENERGY STAR models, you’ll use less energy and add incredible value to the property.

Increases Attractiveness to Potential Buyers

Finally, remodeling your kitchen now can put more money in your pocket later when you sell your home. Not only does a kitchen remodeling job garner a higher ROI than other remodeling projects. It also entices buyers to write stronger offers. Homebuyers want updated kitchens and bathrooms more than anything else when buying a house, and they’re willing to pay more to get these updates.

Investing in a kitchen remodel creates a welcoming space to enjoy a family meal, cook a healthy dinner or enjoy a cup of coffee in the quiet morning hours. No matter the reason for remodeling your kitchen, make sure you hire qualified professionals who stand behind their craftsmanship. For all your kitchen remodeling needs, contact Yeager Flooring.

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