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Home renovations are one of the best parts of being a homeowner. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting new floors in your home. There’s just one small problem: what do you do with all of your furniture? Moving furniture can be difficult. It’s heavy and you might not know where to put it. But you can’t get new floors installed if your furniture is still there. And you need to know where to put it all until the work is done. Read on to learn what you should do with your furniture when you’re getting new floors.

One Room vs. the Whole House

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much flooring you’re getting. If you’re only getting the flooring replaced in one room, then you might have more options than if you were getting the flooring replaced in the whole house. If you’re getting the whole house redone, then you might be able to move furniture as your contractors finish each room. Otherwise, you’re going to need to find somewhere else to put your furniture. Some people might rent a storage unit in these cases, for example. But if you’re only getting new flooring for one room in your house, then you don’t need to move as much furniture. You might need to shift some things around in another room, but chances are you can simply move your furniture to another part of the house until your workers are done. If the room is big enough, you might even be able to move furniture from one part of the room to the other as your contractors work. This means your room will be back to the way it was by the time they finish.

Who Is Moving It

The next thing you need to ask yourself is if you can move the furniture yourself. Not everyone has the upper body strength necessary to move heavy furniture. These people will need to recruit or hire some extra help to get their furniture moved before their floors can be replaced. Some flooring companies will offer to move your furniture into a different room for you. They may charge extra for this service, but it means that you don’t need to worry about moving your furniture before your contractors get there. This makes planning your renovation a little easier overall. But if you need to move your furniture into a storage unit, then you may need to hire professional movers. Keep in mind that these same people will need to move the furniture back to your home once the new flooring has been installed. And if you’re lucky enough to have friends who are willing and able to help you move furniture, then you might be able to save some money too. Just remember that all of that furniture has to get moved back into the room at some point after the floors have been replaced.

Do You Have Extra Space in Your Home?

This is the big question that you’re going to need to ask yourself when you’re getting new flooring in your house. The point of the matter is that you can’t install new floors if there are heavy items all over the place. All of that furniture is going to have to go somewhere while your contractors are working. Try to think about if there’s anywhere that you can move a lot of your furniture. Is there a spare room that doesn’t have much in it? If you don’t, then you have some extra planning to do. These are the people who are going to need to rent a storage unit until they’re done installing new flooring. This sometimes means hiring professional movers to take the furniture away and put it back when the work is done. But if you’re able to move the heavy furniture yourself, then you should be able to save some money on that. You may also be fortunate enough to have a neighbor with extra space they can use to help you store some of your furniture. If they’re willing to do this for you, then you might not need to get a storage unit after all.

What Kind of Flooring Are You Getting?

The last thing you need to ask yourself is what type of flooring you’re getting. Some tile, for example, needs to be allowed to dry for a day or two before any weight can be placed on it. Otherwise, the tile will sink deeper into the mortar and grout and cause the floors to be uneven. Other types of flooring aren’t as strict. Carpeting, for example, is simply laid down and fastened at the sides. As soon as these floors are installed, you can go ahead and put your furniture right back where it was before. Hardwoods also can have their furniture moved right back to where it was before. They don’t need to take time to set or dry before they can be walked on. This information is important for those who may need to move their furniture into a storage unit. They should try to get a good idea of how long their furniture will be in storage and how much it will cost to move it again. If you aren’t sure if your floors need time to set or not, then just ask your installers. They’ll be able to tell you how soon you can move your furniture.

Get Your New Floors Today

If your home needs new floors, then you need a company that will help you decide the best thing to do with your furniture. This is going to be the most difficult part of getting your floors replaced. And the best place for getting new floors is right here at Yeager and Company! We’re dedicated to high-quality floorings and repairs for your home. And we have floors of all kinds from carpeting to tile to hardwood. Book an appointment today and see how we can help you find your new floors.

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