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Many homeowners reach their interior design goals when they install hardwood floors in their homes. Proper care and mindfulness of the flooring will prolong the quality of the rustically beautiful wood. Here are seven things that will damage your hardwood floors in Tampa, FL.


First and foremost, you don’t want your hardwood floors to experience water damage. Wood is especially susceptible to moisture. The moisture can cause the wood to weaken or buckle, and it can stimulate unwelcome growths on the wood.

When wood experiences too much water damage, it can become irreparable and require expensive replacement. Reduce the likelihood of flooding by not putting wood floors in rooms with high moisture levels, such as bathrooms and basements.

Additionally, clean up spills immediately, and reduce the amount of liquid cleaner you use on the floors. You should also keep plumbing near wooden floors well-maintained and cover the floor with a waterproof coating. Create proper ventilation in rooms with wood floors, and consider installing a dehumidifier.

UV Rays

Wood can’t get too wet, but it can’t get too dry, either. Wood has oils and solvents on it that keep it healthy and that maintain its color and shape. UV rays from the sun dry out the wood, making sunlight especially bad for hardwood floors.

When it’s especially sunny outside, keep the light out with energy-efficient blinds. You can also apply lacquer on the wood to protect it.

UV rays don’t only come out in the summer. You can still get damaging UV rays in the winter, especially in a tropical climate like Tampa, FL.

Pet Accidents

As much as we love our pets, they don’t always contribute to the longevity of household decor. Accidents, in particular, can eat at the floor material, create irreversible stains and leave lingering odors. It’s best to prohibit pets on the floor with a gate, especially if they aren’t perfectly potty trained.

Pets who walk on the wood floors should get regular nail clippings because the nails can scratch the wood. Consider keeping pets with consistently long nails out of rooms with wooden floors.


Prohibit shoes on your new hardwood floors, especially cleats, stilettos and heavy boots. The bottoms of these shoes can dig into the material and damage it. The texture of wood floors doesn’t make for the smoothest walking, either.

Abrasive Cleaning Tools

When you need to clean your hardwood floors, you may mistakenly reach for a bristly broom or a coarse scrubber. However, these everyday cleaning items will scratch the floor, potentially leaving noticeable marks. When cleaning hardwood floors, opt for microfiber cloths instead.


Termites are small insects that feed on wood ravenously in large numbers, making them especially annoying to homeowners. American homeowners spend roughly $5 billion annually to restore termite damage.

Since termites usually eat your home’s wood from the inside, they may seriously damage the integrity of your home before you spot them. Look for signs early, such as hollow-sounding walls, interior damage to walls and loose wooden panels. Termites work quickly, so don’t wait to call for pest removal when you notice termites.


Wood floors act as the foundation for a room’s interior design, which likely includes several heavy pieces of furniture. Wooden floors often experience damage when moving new furniture in or out of the room. Sometimes damage happens more simply, such as by accidentally scraping a chair against the floor when backing away from the table.

When you get your hardwood floors, prolong their life expectancy and keep them looking great with professional carpentry and floor care services in Tampa, FL. We also offer carpentry services if you need new hardwood floors. Take a look at Yeager Flooring’s professional flooring gallery, and give our team a call today.

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