Water-Damaged Flooring

You could be carefully protecting your floor from water when the unexpected happens — your sink leaks or pipes break. If your floor isn’t water resistant, water can cause a great deal of damage. Here are a few things you need to factor in to decide whether to repair or replace your water-damaged flooring in Trinity, FL:

How Long Was the Water On Your Floor?

The longer the water stays on your hardwood floor, the more damage it’ll create. If the spill happened just a few minutes or even an hour earlier, you may have a chance to save the flooring.

However, if you were out of town for multiple hours or even several days when the spill occurred, a replacement would be your best bet. This is because the water will have done significant damage.

How Does Your Floor Look?

The appearance of your floor can indicate the extent of the damage. When moisture builds up for an extended period, the boards shrink or stick out. A hill may start forming at the center of the board. Only a replacement can take care of this problem.

You may also notice some stains after water comes in contact with your floor. Dark black stains show that the water has caused significant damage. On the other hand, whitish spots indicate that the water has only caused minor damages that repairs can fix.

What Type of Water Spilled On Your Floor?

Different types of water cause different kinds of damage to your floor. Clean water from your faucet, shower or hose doesn’t have chemicals that may damage your floor. If the water has not stayed on your floor for several days, you can clean it and do some minor repairs.

Dirty water from overflowing toilets and dishwashers contains contaminants such as bleach, detergents and harmful disease-causing pathogens. Consider replacing your water-damaged flooring if it has come in contact with dirty water over a long time period.

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