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Are you planning a revamp of your home this year? In today’s modern world we all want our homes to have that wow factor. If done right, flooring can be a real statement piece to give that unique feel to your home. But with so many choices on the market, it can be hard to narrow down a choice. Don’t worry! Read on for 2020’s top floor trends that will give you inspiration for your perfect new look!

Wood-look Tiles

Perhaps the hottest thing on the flooring market for 2020 is wood-look tiles. Technology has come so far that tile manufacturers can mimic the latest wood flooring trends to perfection. Textured looks and all! Textured wood-look tiles will make your home look current, high-end and warm. All the while, they’ll be easy to clean. By choosing a hard-wearing, durable tile, you can keep that elegant, luxury feel, without having the maintenance worries of hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl

You can have the best of both worlds with luxury vinyl. It’s as realistic in appearance as hardwood or laminate. But the best part is it’s more versatile and it’s easier to maintain and it’s waterproof. Vinyl has left it’s frumpy days of the ’80s behind and stepped into a luxurious world of its own. You can now create a luxurious feel in your home but without the care and attention needed to care for hardwood. You can get all the 2020 color trends too, from the dark browns and blacks to the cool grays and bleached tones.

Natural Stone Tiles

While natural stone tiles aren’t new, they are seeing a resurgence in popularity. So it’s worth mentioning. They are very popular in areas of high traffic like bathrooms and kitchens. You can find convincing, realistic stone looks in spades from slate, marble, limestone and more. Sticking to slate, marble or limestone will not only have your home looking elegant, but they pair well with hardwoods in other rooms or wood-look effects to tie your whole house together.

Distressed Wood

The distressed flooring trend as seen a surge of popularity coming into 2020. Homeowners are desiring that luxury, aged feel. Distressed flooring has gone through an artificial aging and style process. This gives it a ‘distressed’ look of light wear. This may include scraping the edges of the planks, removing gloss or even scraping swirl and kerf markings. These processes add to the rustic look without damaging the structure of the wood flooring. With more people looking to get back to a more rustic, natural feel, it’s the perfect thing to complete the look.

Vintage Black & White

Black and white vintage tiles are making a comeback in 2020. But they aren’t the same old basic patterns from times gone by. They’re using bold, graphic patterning and have a more luxurious finish. More and more people want to relive that nostalgia of times gone by but with their own unique twist. This includes using smaller tiles, with bolder prints.

Graphic Tiles

For those of us who are more artistic and bold, why not use the floor as your canvas? Graphic tiles are coming out in full force and creating quite the statement. New technology lets manufacturers create endless varieties of patterns on their tiles. You can get sets that replicate patterns. Or you can get tiles that are like jigsaw puzzles that join and form one larger image on the floor. You can get them in monochromatic colors. But for those of you who are truly bold, you can get them in a host of multicolored patterns and writing.

Porcelain Tiles – Hexagon & Trickling Floor Patterns

As well as chevron and herringbone patterning trending, so are hexagon and trickling patterns. We’re seeing an increase of pattern and shape varieties with the popularity of large porcelain tiles. Hexagon tiles have been trending for a while now, especially when used as kitchen backsplashes or as small room floors (like bathroom or laundry room). You can use them in kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms; they’ll make a statement anywhere! Trickling patterns are gaining in popularity too. These patterns mix a variety of textures, sizes, and colors of flooring in a ‘trickling’ effect. They blend flawlessly to create a real unique pattern and feel to your home.

Natural Colors

With more focus drawn to nature, sustainability and simple living, this will be a fundamental design aspect over the next decade, not just 2020. Homeowners are thinking more about the materials they use and where they come from. We’re seeing more and more trends that incorporate bringing nature and the outdoors, indoors too. As such, we’re seeing a rise going into 2020 in using natural colors for their hardwood flooring. And wood floors that are using minimal treatments. The coziness and simplicity of using natural woods help create a luxurious, soothing feel that never goes out of style.

Fumed Wood Flooring

Fumed wood gains its rich grain and coloring without the need for staining via the process of fuming. Factors like the environmental climate, the type of wood and the atmosphere of the fuming chamber affect results. This means it’s unlikely any two pieces will be identical, giving a unique feel. Typical hues that result from fuming are dark, rich, woody tones. And the process brings out the natural wood grain with stunning results. It’s a more unique and luxurious feel than you get with stained wood.

Floor Trends to Make a Splash This Year and Beyond

To conclude, going into 2020 homeowners aren’t satisfied with traditional materials. They’re looking for materials that are unique, be that from treatments, design or texture. Trends are seeing the use of a variety of materials too. From fumed wood to stone-look tiles and to wood-look tiles. What is clear is that consumers are looking for the new and the exciting. And luckily, 2020’s floor trends are delivering on uniqueness, quality, and variety. If you’re looking to find your perfect flooring, contact us today. At Yeager Flooring, we have styles and materials to suit all your needs.

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