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The time has come! You’re ready to do that remodel you’ve always dreamed of or flip that house that’s been on the market for months. Getting the scoop on the latest flooring trends will help you start your project the right way. We’re here to help you find the latest, greatest flooring trends and prepare to tackle new styles in 2022. There’s nothing worse than spending your savings on a new floor only to have it go out of style in less than five years. Don’t worry; we’ve got all the hottest trends along with our predictions on how long these trends will last to help you make the right choice.

Do hardwood floors come pre-finished?

The most common hardwoods purchased for installation come unfinished and require finishing prior to use. This means that hardwoods purchased off the shelf will need sanding and staining before they can be used. Pre-finished hardwood floors are not as popular because they offer more limited choices in hardwood species and finishes. Pro: Hardwood floors come unfinished so you can finish them to match your preferences. Con: The hardwoods must be sanded and finished before installation, taking a significant amount of time out of the project. Outlook: This trend is here to stay for some time, according to our calculations it will have quite a bit more life going into 2022. It’s important to note that while hardwood is here to stay, current trends are leaning towards lighter hardwood colors like White Oak or Maple over heavily stained varieties like espresso black, walnut or chocolate cherry. If possible, try looking for hardwoods with three thin coats (each coat must be applied after the previous hardwood coat has dried) of finish to avoid potential issues with the hardwood flooring sticking due to moisture.

Why are luxury vinyl floors gaining popularity?

Unlike hardwoods, luxury vinyl planks are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) which is hard and very durable. The hard surface also reduces scratches and dents but does not have the same appearance or feel as hardwoods. Pro: Luxury vinyl floors come pre-finished saving you time during installation, can be installed over existing surfaces, reducing installation cost even further since no demolition is required for removal of old flooring material. Con: Luxury vinyl planks come in a single hard surface which does not have the same feel or appearance as hardwoods. Outlook: This trend is here to stay for some time, according to our calculations it will have quite a bit more life going into 2022. In addition to hard surfaces, luxury vinyl planks are also available in softer textures and even hardwood looks making this product incredibly versatile.

What type of tile flooring is most popular?

Terrazzo and wood-look porcelain tiles both made our list of top trends for 2022 based on their low maintenance and popularity among consumers looking for stylish options that require little maintenance over the years. Pro: Tile flooring is incredibly hard and durable, which is great for high-traffic areas. Con: Tile flooring can be hard to install especially in spaces that have an irregular shape. In addition, hard surfaces can get cold or cause noise when walked on hence hardwood floors are preferred over tile in rooms where quietness is important such as the bedroom. Outlook: This trend is here to stay for some time, according to our calculations it will have quite a bit more life going into 2022. Durable hard tiles are gaining popularity but current trends suggest a move towards warmer vinyl tiles that resemble hardwoods. If you’re ready to do a home remodel, we can help! We know that it is hard to predict what new trends will be popular in the next five years. But with our expertise and insider knowledge of flooring styles, we can make your project as easy as possible by recommending flooring options for any budget. Planning ahead is key when making such an investment – don’t worry; we’re here to help you find the newest style before it becomes out-of-date tomorrow! Give us a call today and we’ll start planning your upgrade for the floors of your dreams.

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