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We fix water damaged floors. Yeager & Co is Tampa’s most trusted floor restoration company 25 years and counting.

Leaks, standing water, storms, and more can cause lasting damage to your home within the first 48 hours. If left untreated, water damage can create mold and other severe health issues. It can also cause foundation issues for your home or office. We recommend you call our clean up and restoration team as soon as possible.


Did you know in most cases insurance covers water damaged floors and interiors? This means no out-of-pocket costs to you. If you think you may have water damage, call us for a free estimate. If we find water damage, we will contact your insurance company on your behalf and work through the claims process for you. It’s time to restore your home back to its original comfort and beauty so it can safely be enjoyed for years to come.


To determine if your floors are water damaged it’s important to know what to look for.


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Water Damage Flooring Company

Why are Tampa residents susceptible to water damaged floors?

Water damaged floor is a common problem confronting a lot of Tampa residents as well as those living in areas where storms, storm surges and heavy rains are frequent. Water damage may also be caused by a water leak above or below the floor as well as groundwater that seeps through the home’s foundation. The damage incurred is caused by several inevitable factors, and when left untreated, could lead to additional problems. Thus, it is important for household owners to have a full understanding of the important aspects of a water damaged floor and have a reliable company to call upon when the need for repair becomes necessary.

What are the common causes of water damaged floor?

Click edit button to change this text.The floor covers a relatively wider area in the house. It is exposed to various substances and activities that could damage it. Among the most common are the following.

1. Water leak

Water leak is a common cause of floor damage. It can be ruined by water leaks coming from above or below the floor. Subfloor leaks happen when the water pipes buried under the flooring breaks or get damaged. Overhead leaks, on the other hand, are either caused by a broken ceiling or any crack in the exterior of the house which serves as an entry point for water to penetrate and flow directly into the flooring.

2. Groundwater

Groundwater is regarded as the next significant cause of floor damage since it seeps through the foundation of the house and weakens it. When not properly dealt with, the excessive amount of groundwater seeping through the subfloor can result in extensive damage to the flooring.

3. Storm/Storm Surge

Storm and storm sure are surprisingly among the top causes of water damaged floors. This is because they allow large amounts of water to come in contact with the floor surface and gradually damage the materials used to build it.

What are the signs of water damaged floors?

Detecting a water damaged floor is quite easy. This can be accomplished by conducting an actual visual survey of the floor and look for the following signs.

1. Discoloration of floor materials

This is the most common water damaged floor indicator. This is because almost all types of floors normally change their color when soaked and come in contact with water. When regularly exposed to standing water, a hardwood floor gradually loses its dark and elegant color while the vinyl and carpets used on floors surprisingly fade faster than normal.

2. Unusual softening of the floor surface

Water can weaken the foundation of a building. It also softens various floor surfaces and makes them incapable of carrying the weight of objects placed on top of them. Thus, they get damaged easily.

3. Water deposits

Water deposits can be used as an indicator to determine if the floor is being ruined by water. To do this, it is best to look for areas on the floor with standing or pooling of water. Also, check the areas where dripping and dampness are present.

4. Mold buildup

A water damaged floor naturally has mold buildup. This is because the development of molds is faster on wet or damp places, particularly those with standing water.

5. Unpleasant odor

When a floor area is damaged by water, it naturally emits an unpleasant odor usually characterized by the smell caused by the presence of mold and mildew. Given this, the search for potential floor damage can be accomplished by using the sense of smell.

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

What are the hazards caused by a water damaged floor?

Water damaged floors pose several hazards to household dwellers. First, a water damaged floor ruins the aesthetic value of a dwelling. It looks dirty and requires a lot of time and effort to clean.
Second, it can weaken the foundation of the building in the long run, and this will eventually cause more structural problems. It should be noted that standing water is capable of making wood, concrete, and other flooring materials soft. When the floor softens, the reliability of all vertical erections on the house becomes questionable.

Third, a floor damaged by water becomes a health hazard. Stranded water boosts the development of molds, mildew and other hazardous organisms since they thrive well in wet or damp areas. These can also cause severe health issues that will most likely affect all the dwellers.

Fourth, water damaged floors are quite expensive to repair when not handled well. When serviced by a least experienced company, there is a great possibility that the problems will resurface and having these fixed means additional expenses again.

What should be done upon noticing water damage on the floor?

Upon noticing any sign of water damaged floor, household owners are strongly advised to call and hire a reputable company which specializes on the needed repairs. This is regarded as the best option since water damaged floor repair requires the service of experts.

Water Damaged Wood Flooring

What are the best water damaged floor repair practices?

Many household owners use DIY practices in repairing their floors damaged by water. This involves removing the damaged materials from the topmost surface of the affected area, locating and stopping the source of the leak, removal of standing water and sealing of the excavations made. Health conscious owners usually have the affected area disinfected as part of the repair procedure.

Getting a private contractor to handle the water damaged floor repair is another option for household owners. Although hiring such service means incurring an additional expense, many owners go for this solution since they only need to pay for a certain fee, allow the contractor to do their job within a period and wait for them to finish.

But between the two options mentioned earlier, hiring a contractor is the highly-suggested solution since it provides amazing results. This is because the majority of the contractors who are engaged in providing the needed services are well-trained and capable of producing the desired results. Unfortunately, not all contractors are good enough in handling their clients’ concerns. Due to this, household owners are encouraged to select the best from their list of available companies.

What to look for when selecting a water damaged floor repair company?

When looking for a contractor to handle water damaged floor repair, it is best to go for the company with an extensive and solid flooring service experience. For Tampa residents, their best option is to obtain the service of Yeager & Co. Inc.

Yeager & Co. Inc. has been in the flooring service since 1944 and has more than 25 years of experience in floor restoration. Our company employs a team of professional, hardworking and highly-trained personnel that can be readily deployed in times of need. We offer free in-home estimates that provide a detailed and written proposal an hour after the request is received. We also allow the booking of appointments online.

Our company’s services also cover households with water damaged floors covered by insurance. To avail this offer, all the household owners should do is to give us a call, secure a free estimate and allow our personnel to look for water damage. As soon as any damage is detected, we will contact the insurance company on their behalf and work through the claims process. Through this setup, we can help restore one’s home with no out-of-pocket costs.

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