We’ve won the Super Service, Best of the Best Tampa Bay area flooring company award eight years straight and have been rated  A+ with BBB since 1944. If you are seeking a superior customer service and installation flooring company, then look no further than Yeager Flooring.


May 2014 –

I had Yeager and Company install engineered hardwood floors throughout our home and tile in three bedrooms. They also had to rip out the carpet, move all furniture and dispose old flooring to the dump. They got a plumber in to take out the three toilets, then reinstalled them once the tile floors were laid. We bought the home in March, but we lived in Canada so we did everything through the phone and emails. Our brother-in-law who lives in the area, was there each day to over see the job. The two Yeager flooring installers did a great job, the job only took eight days to complete. My brother-in-law mentioned that the installers knew their stuff and would definitely hire them to do flooring for himself. We saw the flooring and we totally love our new floors. Beautiful job! And yes, I would recommend this company, very professional and they know how to please.

June 2014 –

We notice that our manufactured wood flooring was showing water stains from under the surface. We called Yeager’s to come out and look at it and give us a price on fixing or replacing it. Jim Yeager came to the house and immediately knew what the problem was. When I told him we were putting the house on the market to sell it, he said replacing it the floors would be too costly. He suggested some other ideas: extending the tile from the kitchen area into an area that was damaged by water seepage, and covering the rest of the floors with carpeting. Instead of looking at a $10,000 repair/replace, it came to $2800. We appreciated his honesty and helpfulness in preparing the house for sale. The primary problem regarding the floors was that they had been incorrectly installed by the previous owner and water was seeping up through the concrete slab. Our house was built in a wetlands area so the ground is very wet. There should have been a vapor barrier between the wood and the concrete to keep the water vapor from getting into the floors. Jim explained that the wood didn’t allow the water to evaporate the way carpet would, and the problem would be fixed for whoever bought the home.

The installation went very well. We had already moved out, so they used the lock box the realtor provided. The realtor stopped by a few times while they were working and said it looked very good, but had a couple of questions about the trim near the baseboards. So I called and spoke with Jim, who went by the house the next day to see how it looked. He noticed that one of the other bedrooms had the same water damage and suggested carpeting that as well for an extra $400. They were able to complete the job within about 10 days from when we put the work order in. It enabled us to put the house on the market quickly and it sold the first day. It turned out that Jim is also a realtor, which helped in deciding what to do with the floors. He knew what we were legally bound to do when selling a house (disclosure issues) and was able to guide us to a good decision. I was impressed with his integrity and knowledge and am pleased that the new buyers are not inheriting any kind of problem with the floors.

June 2014 –

Very professional, punctual and quality workmanship. I would use this company again in a heartbeat.

July 2014 –

Met with Mike the sales rep. He was very professional and answered all of our questions. They delivered the wood floor on time and began working on time. The crew that came to the house every day was very professional and clean. They showed up on time and worked non stop. They were able to complete the entire house in three and a half days. This included tearing out the old floor.I would highly recommend Yeager and Company for your next floor project.

September 2014
Yeager & Company Flooring completely remodeled my home.   
Brand new kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, flooring, crown molding, new doors, frames, paint, etc.   
Every single inch got a makeover in my house! Jim Yeager, owner of Yeager Flooring was quick, polite, receptive and had a “Can Do Attitude”. I felt comfortable immediately that this was not only going to happen, but I would be happy.You WILL see my home in a magazine someday soon, because it is absolutely spectacular.
A total home makeover is quite an undertaking and I discovered that you really get to know these people, so you better trust ’em, like ’em, and be ready to see them often I would honestly say that having Jim’s crew, especially Kenny, was like having family taking care of my home. Every single person cared about my home like they were doing it for their own family member. I especially appreciated how they managed the other contractors and pushed them to deliver the same time of perfection, even if it meant telling me they didn’t want that person in my home and found another one I would like. 
Jim did everything in his power to see that I was happy, his crew treated me like gold, his office staff were always pleasant to deal with, and without going into details, Jim even helped me out with a personal matter to ensure I was the happiest I could be.
I’m not sure I’d take on a full remodel again, and not sure they want another project like I threw their way, but if we did, we would definitely do it together…..I have a much smaller project for them in 2015.
Thank you Jim.      And a BIG special thank you to Kenny, I’ve never met a worker in my life who cared as much as you about delivering this project!    Finishing the job felt like losing my close cousin!